Blizzard I Need a Response Immediately

  • Dear Blizzard,

    At this time I FORMALLY request an informal resolution on my email correspondence to you regarding your blatant disregard of my civil rights.

    You have a recording with one of your support-line Blizzard representatives on my request, as well as do I, to resolve this in a informal way.

    All I have ever asked for is an apology, if what we discussed has happened to me. Or if not, one of your representatives of the forum may contact me at the email I gave you or the number I gave you on the phone.

    I will not be brushed under the carpet, so to speak.

    At this point, as said above, you have 5 working days to respond to me......This is a formal NOTICE for you to do so. If I do not hear from you on this subject I will take it as an admission of guilt that you have violated my civil rights as a disabled U.S. Citizen.

    I will then pursue you for gross negligence as your blatant refusal to respond to me in a timely manner has now become life-threatening due to my epilepsy/grandmal seizures because of greatly increased mental stress.

    This is a serious issue and I will not go away on this matter.

    Concerned Citizen

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