Commodity Auctions Available

  • As many of you are aware, commodity trading on the auction house is in the process of being brought back online. We're activating the full functionality of this system incrementally in each region, so please be patient if some features are unavailable to you right now.

    We had to keep commodity trading inactive longer than anticipated in order to add the hardware and system optimizations necessary to handle the overwhelming popularity of the gold auction house, and the number of trades that resulted. We understand the frustration this has caused many of you and apologize for the interruption of your entrepreneurial enterprises. Through ongoing functionality tests and the monitoring of systems performance, we'll continue working to make sure the auction house remains a stable place to buy and sell your goods.

    When trading commodities again you'll also notice some functionality changes, namely:
      Prices will fluctuate less frequently when performing repeated searches.Gold will be refunded when buying a commodity if a less expensive offer was found by the auction house after the initial search was run.Commodity error messages may appear when commodities found during a search become sold out before a buyout is confirmed.

    We're excited to have commodity trading once again made available and hope to see a bustling economy soon. We'll also continue working to improve auction house functionality and appreciate your continued feedback!

    Commodities on the Real-Money Auction House
    As we prepare to launch the real-money auction house, we want to make sure that commodity trading remains quick and stable. To that end, it’s possible that the RMAH will launch with item trading only and commodities would come online at a later date. The team is hard at work getting commodities ready for trading with real-world currency and plans to activate this feature as soon as is feasible, whether or not that aligns with its initial release.
  • Sometimes I just dont understand Blizzard.

    US Hardcore auction house has had commodity trading active since the AH was brought online after maintenance on Wednesday. I can't speak for the other regions or game mode, but I believe everyone has been able to access this feature. This post is only 2 days late.

    Done on purpose, so only the people who really cared would try.. It allows them to monitor without flood/overload and essentially release in WAVES

    This is essentially correct. We did somewhat of a "soft launch" to monitor the system during peak play times this week in various regions, without announcing that it was live. We wanted to ensure the auction house remained a stable environment before making an announcement.