Blizzard, please fix Legendaries, /sign

  • As it is currently, legendary items are often less powerful than equal level rares and even sometimes blues, there is something inherently wrong with this. An item that is much more difficult to find, should be the best item type in the game at that specific level, it just makes sense rationally. It feels incredibly bad and disappointing to loot a legendary item only to find that you have a rare already equipt that is better.

    I feel like this is one of the biggest issues the community is having with the game right now. Legendaries need to be buffed immediately, all they are right now is another item with orange text they don't feel "legendary". At the very least the legendaries need to have a locked set of affixes, so that you don't get some items that are complete garbage. How does a barbarian mighty weapon get legendary status when it is loaded with intelligence?

    Please /sign this thread if you agree, and keep the discussion civil. If we can keep our complaints visible to Blizzard we have a much greater chance of actually getting them resolved.
  • Constructive feedback is always appreciated, but 'petition threads' aren't necessary.