Multiple accounts HACKED!

  • I was hacked this morning. I am not asking for a handout, just for Blizzard to fix what happened. I spoke with customer service on the phone and they said "we can do nothing, you have to contact a GM via the website" The GM that responded to me on my support ticket gave me a canned cut and paste, followed by a thank you for playing WoW. I am furious right now!


    This is what happened to me.

    I was playing and got booted with the error message that someone else had accessed my account. I immediately reset my password which only took a few moments. I logged back in and in two minutes all my stuff/gold was gone.


    Where are you Blizz? A faithful fan, and paying customer needs your help! I lost over 500k in gear and 300k+ gold!
  • The forums really aren't the proper place to discuss these concerns; please contact Customer Support. Granted, your frustration is understandable, but calling out other players is not permitted. As well, please refrain from posting obscene acronyms.

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