Unable to Post?

  • Once properly logged into the forums (with your Battle.net email address and password/authenticator), at the top right corner you should see a character listed -- this could be for World of Warcraft or StarCraft II. Just above that character's name should be your BattleTag nickname.*

    Next to your character's name you should see a down-arrow. Click on that to display a variety of characters from any of the games you have associated with your Battle.net account.

    For example:

    1 Perky Pug
    Every Realm

    North America

    85 Pug Shaman
    Thorium Brotherhood

    At the bottom of the list you should see an option to Manage Characters, click on that to expand the list of your in-game characters and accounts. At the very top (for most folks) you should see your BattleTag name without the associated hash and unique identifier numbers. That's the appropriate Diablo III character to select which can be verified after selection by the Diablo avatar next to your name. Click on that lone name that has no level or tag (#) number associated with it and you should be good to go!

    We're keeping an eye on things but hope this will resolve any posting errors the majority of folks have contacted us about.

    *If you have yet to create a BattleTag, visit Battle.net account management to set up your nickname today. Choose wisely, as it will (eventually) be your nickname that identifies you across all Blizzard games.

    EDIT: Follow the blue Blizz button for more ... or go here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5150758673?page=5#93
  • Thanks for all the feedback, guys. Given some of the concerns we’re still seeing, I wanted to follow-up with you and try to address them:

    Your Diablo III “character” is actually just your BattleTag name. Remember, it will not have the “#” sign or the associated numbers (e.g. Crithto#101 will show on the Manage Characters list as just “Crithto”).
    If you see a character name listed with the # sign and some numbers, this is most likely your StarCraft II character. This can be especially confusing if you’re using the same BattleTag name as your StarCraft II character. Also note that your StarCraft II and Diablo III characters will not have logos to the left of their listed names.
    To see your Diablo III character to select for posting, you need to be logged in and on the Diablo III forums. If you attempt to switch characters while on the StarCraft II or World of Warcraft forums, you will not see the Diablo III character.
    You will know you have the correct character selected if your avatar is the Diablo face logo.
    Your Diablo III character showing the “Diablo 3 Beta” description is a known error and something you can ignore.
    Please do not submit a Customer Support ticket for any forum related issue or concern. The proper email to seek assistance from is [email protected].
    We will continue to keep our eyes on your responses so please feel free to post your questions and concerns here.