Without PvP the game will die.

  • Diablo 2 was all about PvP. All these kids who are crying about not wanting D3 PvP is due to them being destroyed in Diablo 2.

    PvP not only promotes fun for people who want it but it also gives everyone a reason to kill a boss 50 times in a day. Let's be frank, diablo 2 would be boring as hell if you couldn't kill compete with friends or rivals in PvP, and there would be no point to certain builds/classes making the game less versatile. Adding PvP promotes activity with in the game, and keeps it strong for years to come because there will always be updates with new gear that can lead to new PvP builds etc.

    Co-op games get boring as hell (maybe after 3 months max) when there's no one to actually compete with. Look at ME3, it's completely boring after mastering gold difficulty with in a month.

    Having an 'intelligent' enemy who actually gets mad after destroying their hard work of a character just because you are more skilled or have better items is an addiction that keeps people coming back, and provides quality laughs. PvP requires SKILL, and if you don't think so then you're just a nerd who got pooped on in other games and your tears have brought joy to many.

    That's my little rant. I'm not gonna bother responding to the negative posts(expecting many tears) because it's the opinion of extremely awful kids who are just butthurt to the point where they can't handle an OPTIONAL PvP system.

    TL;DR - PvP makes a game bearable for years to come, and keeps the nerds grinding/boss hunting for gear.
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