New light radius

  • One of the major things that concerns me right now is the apparent lack of a good light radius. What do I mean by good? I mean you can barely see monsters at the edges of the screen and that makes for a diablo atmosphere. Now everything looks so bright even in dungeons (and I'm not not talking about art style) with a subtle barely there light radius. I have heard that the light radius gets more intense later in the game but have yet to see pics. Since a smaller light radius is by most considered to be a disadvantage, whats the harm in providing an option to turn on "dark mode" or whatever it would be called? This is a huge loss IMO and absolutely essential to any diablo game. Maybe blizz got the wrong idea because many people used maphack to completely brighten the screen?

    Since I doubt I am getting a blue post with any info on light radius, who has played the most recent beta? How did you find the light radius? Did it feel like diablo?

    EDIT: by beta I mean the blizzcon beta/demo/alpha whatever it's called.
  • We use lighting to add flavor and distinction to each dungeon. A lot of the bigger dungeons tend to be well lit with a specific palette to add to the feel and separate it from other locations. It's about visual variety. And the absence of light is included in that variety. We do change the amount of light from dungeon to dungeon, cave to cave, and there are specific areas where it's much, much darker, and the light radius comes into play. But it's used as a tool to create that visual distinction, and not a rule that applies to the entire game. (We don't have any intent to add a +light radius affix, just because it'd be less useful than it was in Diablo II.)

    We try to keep the visuals changing from area to area, even within the same Act. It keeps the game interesting, and is its own reward when a player makes it to that next area and the color palette does a complete shift and the area changes from a dark and foggy moor with blues and greens to a starkly clear dungeon with reds and purples. It's a very powerful way of reinforcing progression. Most people don't think about it as a gameplay mechanic, but it absolutely is.