stop whining about offline-only

  • When building the game, Blizzard created it in a way where no game information is stored on your computer, why? It prevents most hacks, dupes, bots, exploits, and most other things you'd consider game breaking. Several of the dupes found in D2 exploit the fact that you could go "offline" for a split second without disconnecting from Blizzard's server, because the game was built as a singleplayer game with multiplayer compatibility. Although, I would like to see Blizzard do something for the soldiers out there serving our country but have some downtime without internet, but it should be exclusive. (to ensure that it isn't used as a bot testing ground)

    Anyways here's a list of pro's and con's about an offline only Diablo 3.

    - Reduces the game's load on your system.
    - Prevents 99% of the dupes that are found in most games.
    - Singleplayer can't be used as a "safe" bot testing ground.
    - Maphack is nearly impossible since the map's data is fed to you as you explore new areas (rather than being "hidden" but revealed as you explore)
    - Bot programs have about 1/10 of the data to read as they did in D2.
    - Stupid people will stop asking "why can't i take my singleplayer character into multiplayer?"
    - More people online (bigger economy, shorter waits for arena matches, more people to play with)

    - Increases the game's load on Blizzard's servers.
    - 0.000001% of the population can't play since they don't have internet 24/7.
    - No lan so you can't play with a friend(s) with a single cd key.

    clearly I must be biass, right? I can't think of any more con's than this, help me think of some more things that should be added to my list.
  • If anyone wants to hold discussions on this topic, do feel free, but it's not going to be in a thread that tells people to "stop whining", encourages that brand of attacks on others, or backs up claims with made up percentages. You're not helping.

    We believe there are many benefits to having a client/server architecture based game, and you touched on some of those, but let's bring the discourse up to higher levels of reason, logic, and at least an attempts at holding a mature conversation.