how long is production?

  • How long does it take for a company to actually produce the game in a physical sense?

    Once Blizzard decides the game is ready, how long would it take them to box it up and ship it out?
  • It really varies based on the amount of production you want to hit for retail. Different games will go for different sizes of production runs based on sales expectations. Bigger games with bigger sales expectations have longer lead times just so they can physically produce enough copies for store shelves. The data that's going on the disc has to be finalized potentially months in advance

    Which is a big reason why day 1 patches are so common these days. More gamers means more boxes means longer lead times for retail box manufacturing, means that the info that's on the disc could be months old by the time the game actually hits shelves. The goal is to get as much hard data on it as possible, like textures, cinematics, sounds, etc. Those are big and can bloat patch sizes so you want as much of it on the disc as possible. Making changes like bug fixes through code, hooking up those sounds or textures to work in the game, or making tweaks to balance is all small and easy - and ideally relatively quick and painless to patch in on launch night.