How will Act 2-4 bugs be caught?

  • I don't mean this as a criticism of a short beta. I'm just genuinely interested in the testing process.

    If you look at the current known issues thread ( - spoilers, maybe?), there are quite a few act specific bugs -- with quests, the environment, monsters.

    If only act 1 is being tested, how will blizzard prevent similar act specific bugs from appearing in the rest of the game?

    I guess it would make sense if all of the known issues in the thread were already discovered through internal testing (meaning they've probably caught such issues in Act 2-4), but that'd be a phenomenal QA accomplishment if that were the case.
  • The Diablo II beta was the first few quests of Act 1 and a single class. I think we'll be ok.

    What we're looking for from the closed beta is simply a large number of testers to tax our servers, test the downloader, launcher, and patcher.