Curious about SLI/CF and getting beta

  • How many people here with SLI and Crossfire got into previous betas? Or maybe should I ask how many didn't get in a beta? Even if D3 isn't a proper SLI game (SC2 too but they are currently adding sli improvements) I guess they have to test it and it's probably a minority.

    I am planning to SLI sooner or later, but maybe I'll go get my extra GTX 570 before the beta.
  • We select testers based on a wide variety of system specs because our intent is to get hardware and software interaction testing, not just have people with the best systems (SLI/CF) to test the game, although that's also certainly part of our testing goals.

    We don't currently have any plans to support multiple monitors. We only give the player a field of view which is limited to what you’d see in a widescreen aspect ratio. The game content is created for a single widescreen monitor, and the way the server populates enemies and their AI among a ton of other bits and bobbles is also specific to the field of view of a widescreen monitor. That means you wouldn’t get much out of multimon except maybe moving all the UI to another monitor. Redesigning the UI to allow for something like that would be no small task, and we believe our interface works very well on a single monitor because we've put a lot of time and effort ensuring it does.