Whats up with the snake "pet"

  • Pez
    Is that a pet or is it just something that follows you around in the cathedral?
  • 09/07/2011 11:09 AMPosted by Snowman
    It might be the scroll of companion (or w/e the name is). Picks up gold that is close by.

    Correct! The critters that you'll see following characters around were summoned by Scrolls of Companion. They're used to summon limited duration animal pals that will help pick up gold for you.

    waaay too "cutesy" for diablo...

    But convenient. Personally, I haven't found that they detract from my experience. I mean, sure, there might be a snake following me for a couple minutes, but I'm still in a dark, filthy ruin, primarily populated by demons, undead and the mutilated corpses of townfolk.