Beta will only go to Skeleton King?

  • Forgive me for appearing greedy (can't help myself lol), but they announced that beta players will only be allowed to progress to skeleton king. Correct me if i'm wrong but SK is a semi-boss halfway through Act 1 correct? If the time progression is roughly equal to that of D2, i could go through to that point on all 5 classes in less than 12 hours......

    Anyone else feeling kind of screwed here?

    What game content will be available in the beta?
    You’ll be able to try out all five character classes and experience the early stages of Diablo III from the start of the game through the Skeleton King encounter. You’ll be able to interact with new and returning characters in New Tristram and fight the reawakened evils emanating from the cursed Tristram Cathedral.
  • It's a couple hours of content, times five classes (times two genders if you want).

    The intent of the beta is purely to test hardware, server stability, the launcher, patcher, and other very technical bits. We frankly have more than enough testers in-house to test a game like Diablo III for bugs and balance (I fully expect someone to quote this when the game releases with bugs or imbalance). We really need help from the beta to see how it runs on a wide variety of systems, and how the servers hold up with a large amount of people.

    Cutting it off at the Skeleton King gives enough gameplay to hit those intents of the beta, and it's a great place to stop as it's also right before some huge spoilers. The game has a fairly straightforward campaign, and so keeping that under wraps is extremely important to us, and we think you'll ultimately appreciate us protecting the sanctity of the release experience. :)
  • 09/03/2011 11:32 PMPosted by QoOkie
    "how the servers hold up with a large amount of people." SO that means you're going to invite a ton of people? :D

    It depends on how active people stay. If concurrency dips, we'll invite more. If the first wave stays active to the end of beta then we may not invite anyone else.

    We'll just have to see.

    Personally I expect the need for lots of continual invites just because of the limited amount of content peoples desire to not 'spoil' the final game experience. But we'll just have to see.