D3 pre download constant crash MAC OSX help

  • Hey guys, i'm on my 4th attempt at pre downloading the diablo 3 game client and still no luck. I keep getting the same error code at random periods..

    ERROR #1 (0x13370001) Fatal Exception

    I'm running OS X Lion 10.7.3 (all software updates are up to date)

    Late 2010 iMac
    Core i7 2.93ghz
    8gb ram
    ATI Radeon HD 5750

    I have tried deleting battle.net and blizzard folders from Users>Shared (no luck)
    I have also tried doing a disk repair as someone suggested (no luck)

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and had any luck with a fix?

    Cheers :)
  • That is not enough to provide troubleshooting on. Can you post the full crash log? MAke sure to remove your computer/user name.
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