Diablo III Setup.app

  • I am looking for confirmation as to exactly what should be happening on a Mac after double clicking on "Diablo III Setup.app"

    No thanks to the Blizzard Launcher, I was eventually able to download all 7GB successfully. After clicking on "Diablo III Setup.app", the D3 icon appears in the dock and bounces around for a while before finally settling. No other windows open up and if I then click on the D3 icon in the dock again, it simply disappears.

    On a PC, clicking on "Diablo III Setup.exe" opens a window with a big Install button on it - clicking that then gives the "Fire from the sky...Diablo III has not launched yet" message. Should I be seeing something like this on the Mac too, or is the behavior that I have mentioned above correct?

    The last couple of weeks have been very frustrating with me not able to install either the MoP or D3 betas successfully on the Mac and I very much want to have these issues sorted by launch date.
  • Does your D3 install folder have .part suffix in it?
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