Unplayable while using External Monitor

  • Hi, the game is unplayable (extremely low fps and slowdown) while using an external monitor connected to my 15" Macbook Pro (late 2008) model. The specs for my Mac are:

    2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
    NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT (System Prefs are set to this for higher performance)
    Mac OS X 10.6.8

    Trying to play the game while connected to my Viewsonic 24" is impossible at any resolution. I get 1-2 fps with all settings at minimum. However, when I disconnect the external display and just play on the laptop screen the game runs perfectly at medium settings, no slowdown or fps issues at all.

    I have tried adjusting the settings on the external display for lower resolutions, even going down to 800x600, which is playable but I still get slowdown when walking i.e. taking 2 or 3 steps and then seeing slowdown in animations before the character speeds up to normal walking speed again. I tried playing in windowed mode and reducing the max fps for both foreground and background to 30 to no avail.

    I understand that going to higher resolutions will affect performance but I do not expect it be this severe especially since I am able to play WoW, Starcraft, and Torchlight on my external monitor at max 1920x1080 resolution with medium settings with absolutely no problems. I'm hoping this has something to do with it just being in the Beta stage.

    Any advice or reasons for why this is happening is much appreciated.
  • Are y'all playing this in clamshell mode or using both displays at the same time?