I guess BZ gave up on Mac user, should I ...

  • They said they are going to fix the black screen lock up issue, and the horrendous performance issue since Patch16 which makes Diablo unplayable on the newest MacPro. But they didn't ...

    I guess Mac users are just lower grade player in their eyes... Should I complain this to Tim Cook? Or should I just go buy a PC?
  • Locking this thread, as this isn't directly technical support related.

    We're aware of the issues that have been reported and will be addressing them. Sometime they may not be addressed right away, but will be addressed in a later update. The retail live version of the game will be dramatically different from beta. If a fix is not implemented for a bug in beta, then it will more than likely implemented in the live build before launch.

    Even if you have the predownload, this is the base install for the game. When you run it, data will still be downloaded to update the game fully :)
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