Why 32bit client over 64bit?

  • I am curious as to why the Diablo 3 Mac client isn't a 64bit application?
    It makes sense to me why the Windows client would currently be 32bit only given the amount of people still on a 32bit operating system but that shouldn't be a problem with OS X users.

    Using information from the System Requirements thread here:

    The minimum requirements for a Mac user are:
    - IntelĀ® Core 2 Duo CPU (or better)
    - MacĀ® OS X 10.6.8, 10.7.x or newer

    If my memory serves me correctly, all Core 2 Duo processors and up that were featured in Macs are 64bit processors. Also, 10.6.x is the last version of OS X to run a 32bit kernel (though still able to run 64bit applications), with Lion now requiring 64bit processors.

    This means that Diablo 3 could be built solely as a 64bit Mac application without worry of losing players.

    Running the following in a terminal however:
    <code>lipo -info /Applications/Diablo\ III\ Beta/Diablo\ III.app/Contents/MacOS/Diablo\ III</code>

    I am informed that the client is a 32bit application.

    Without meaning to sound rude I wish to enquire: Why choose 32bit over 64bit in this case?
  • Remember, this is still a beta, so while it may be 32 bit here, things can change at anytime.

    Also, a good Blue friend of mine made a good post about performance and beta and what not. It's a good read.
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