how to fix system profiler for the beta? mac

  • Seriously i've tried to get this to work for like 2 weeks now. I open it, it jumps up and down for around 10 secs then stays in my dock. There's no indicator light. Nothing. And when i click on it, it closes and goes away from dock. I thought it just takes long to run so I tried not touching it, but right now, it's been sitting there doing nothing for like 5 hours :/.

    I've read 10 or so threads about this issue but none of their suggested fixes have worked. This is really annoying because i really want to get into the D3 beta, but in my attempts to get this to work, i cleared my previous beta profile thinking that that was the cause. So now I have absolutely no chance to get into the beta :( I've tried the US and the EU system profiler numerous times, none of which have worked.

    I'm on a 2009 macbook and running Mac OS X 10.7.1 Lion. Help please.
  • Have you tried some of the stuff here?

    We've recently updated this today, so it should be a bit more helpful.
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  • This should now be fixed.