Login issue

  • I've being experiencing this weird problem: I can't login into SC2 forums from this machine (iMac), while login in Diablo 3 forum seems alright. If I login in here, then go to SC2 forums I'm automatically un-logged and can post or anything. On my macpro I can login there, no problem.

    If I try to login, I can type my email and password but simply nothing happens.

    Can anyone help?

    ps: I would obviously post this on the other forum, but I can't =/
  • Try deleting your battle.net cookies in Safari. This should be sufficient, as this happens on WoW and Sc2 related sites when transition.

    If you're using the latest versions of Safari, you can go to your preferences and reset just the battle.net cookies, since they are all group by sites now.
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