Error when running diablo III .app file

  • (mac 10.7) I can no longer recreate this issue it seems (and sadly don't have a screenshot to give a better error message as I thought it was consistant enough to reproduce) but after installing the beta I launched before the game in the available state where all the data wasn't downloaded. The game never launched after a 30 minute wait and had to quit the app.

    When trying to relaunch the app I got an error that it wouldn't start. Running the 'Diablo III Beta Setup' app would succesfully run the launcher after moving the app into my applications folder again. The launcher then showed all data was downloaded. I was able to get in game but hung again when entering the INN on the same loading screen. After CMD Qing again I had issues running Diablo again with the same error.

    I have sense played a full session and the main app file seems to work correctly when trying to run it now (after 2 or 3 times or running the main installer with the issue). I will make sure to get a screenshot if I see the issue again.

    Hope these steps help you recreate the issue.

    **EDIT - hung the 2nd time when entering the INN in game not when entering the app!**
  • Hey mcgregok,

    It sounds like you are running into some streaming issues. We have fixes for these issues coming in a future patch, but for now, try downloading the entire game before playing. When you hang at a loading screen, you are actually downloading the rest of the game.

    If this still does not work, try doing another install and letting the game download all the way.

    Finally, if none of that works, let me know and I'll get some Mac people on it.
  • If it is a streaming issue Mcgregok, try flushing the DNS. To flush the DNS cache go into the Terminal (Go > Utilities > Terminal) and type in the following:

    For Snow Leopard (10.6.8) & Lion (10.7+)
    dscacheutil -flushcache
    - press Return

    ( The system will not give any type of acknowledgment after you run the command. )

    Try the game after performing these commands.
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