Thought experiment on another crafting system

  • I personally just came back to diablo 3after being 1 year away from it and in the state the game is in i'm probably just gonna go soon after i get a 2nd character level 60 for the heck of it.

    I see 3 problems with diablo 3 right now

    1. there is no effective goldsinks as pointed by other members

    2. there is also no effective item sinks ... a way to get some gears out of the game or give value to gears that just aren't perfect

    3. gold is way devaluated.

    I personally think most of these problems could be overcame with some ways to craft items around and modify stats on them. I will explain.

    let's say i have 2 items. 1 item with 160 str and other stats i like and 1 item with 170 str that is pure crap. If a system would exist that lets you take away that 170 str and make an item of it (let's call it essence of strenght 170) and trough crafting you can use that essence to modify the stat of item 1 with some random factors.

    the way i see it. if we create a craft level system, low levels crafters could modify that gear with the formula average + (random between -40 and 0) giving mostly chances that this item will become less powerfull but still usefull if you want to improve a really crappy stat

    high level crafters (level would increase with repetition of crafts) could on other hand modify item with a formula like average + (random between -20 to +10) making the item still a gamble but able to be improved.

    the effective item with 160 strenght initially could be rerolled from 125 to 165 strenght making a big gamble but still have some chances of improving the item

    from the high level crafting point of view, it could modufy the 160 strenght weapon between 145 to 175.

    The reason some kind of craft system like that would help economy is that an item with 1 good stat would then Worth a bit of gold even if it's purely to break the item. the low end items on the auction house would actually be sold letting players feel rewarded in placing items on the auction house. And if auction house is being used it will in itself become a really efficient gold sink as the 15% gold disapearing from every trades.

    Would that enable some items with crazy stats all over? yes

    Could a lot level item become crazy powerfull ? yes (althought for low level items i would place a cap on stat that could raise the level it could be equipped)

    Would that fix the auction house problems ? i think so

    Would that reward artisans? of course ... mostly if someone can manage to modify the stats over the drop maximum for an elite or something.

    On top if it all it would benefit the players while making a lot of customisation to their character.

    I know something like that will probably never be implemented in a game. i know that mathematically, it would be possible to reach any number of stats on an item (although mathematically it would take a lot of tryes to get over certain points as as taking the averageof 2stats and adding -20 to +10 will give in average a decrease of 5 points in a stat), and it would give much satisfactions to players wanting to get better and better gears.

    i wait all your thoughts on this idea.
  • Artisans are a great way to provide an interesting gold and item sink for players, and we're working on the features the Mystic will bring to the game in the future. We'll be sure to provide updates about the Mystic when we can, so stay tuned. In the meantime we definitely encourage all of you to keep sharing your feedback on crafting, and we'll continue to pass that info along.