Hardcore: Easily Exploitable - Please Fix

  • It's very easy in patch 14's current state to cheat death. I'm sharing this in hopes that a change is considered or made, as with even the slightest bit of testing this will be common knowledge anyways.

    While playing in a solo game, when you hit escape, the entire game freezes. Mobs stop attacking, everything just stops existing.

    So, i tested this. Walking in front of a group of monsters, getting down to 10 HP, then pausing the game.

    Step 2, get out of the game alive.
    First i AFK'd until kicked to char selection screen. It worked. Char alive.
    Round 2: I disconnected internet. Boom, char selection screen, alive.

    This obviously works in SC mode too, but who cares about 1 SC death.

    1. Pause in solo.
    2. D/C internet, or AFK till kicked to char selection screen.
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