Acer 5739G Suggested GFX Driver incompatible

  • The game launcher auto-detects the graphics card in an Acer Aspire 5930G as being a Geforce GT240M which is correct, and it recommends upgrading to the latest driver. The current driver which Nvidia suggests from their auto-detect (296.10 WHQL) will blackscreen the laptop after the windows startup screen. Fixed by rolling the driver back in windows safe mode to the one from the Acer support site ( Nvidia VGA driver version The O/S is Windows 7 - 64 bit

    The Acer driver seems to play ok without freeze-ups, or problems in the Beta.
  • Grumpyguts ,

    It's not uncommon for laptop manufacturers to make proprietary changes to their hardware that prevents the reference drivers from working, so they stop them from being installed usually to prevent the type problems you seem to be having.

    The game doesn't (and can't) take into account the fact that you may be using proprietary hardware. It simply knows the current driver release for the video card's chipset and recommends using it.

    If you have the latest drivers Acer offers, by all means continue to use them. You should be able to hit escape when the warning message appears and continue. However, should the game make use of functions your card can't handle without the current drivers, you'll likely have issues we won't be able to help with.

    Support Information Administrator