Post Update RE: Unplayable Lag Error 61...

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    Edit (20/04/2012 - AU): Lag is much better today - but ping rate is jumping around like a monkey. Much more acceptable now though.

    Just letting you know of the Lag that is happening ...stabbing zombies - they don't move or die at first.... then waiting, then they die after a minute or so...

    Same with NPC's not being there (Rumford at the gate) "sorry for spelling??" - then after a minute or so they pop in from nowhere lol...

    After a while got disconnected with Error 61

    Some other people on my connection were downloading and streaming data - but none that would've caused this much lag.

    PS: can't wait till it's out - Peace and Love to Blizzard - you guys ROCK!!
  • Awesome, glad the lag settled down for you! With Open Beta coming up this weekend, we can expect some lag on our servers, but hopefully people can still play!