Frame rate drop patch 17

  • Im having all kind of problem with frame rate drop with patch 17

    i was also having this problem with patch 16 as described in this thread

    basically , everything set to normal quality , low quality , no sound , with sound , no vsync , with vsync , windowed , fullscreen , etc.... etc... etc... nothing help.

    It seem to be worse when recording with fraps. so i didnt upload a video of my problem on youtube. and since i think im not the only one ... Blizzard should solve this before launch !

    got 60fps and then monster comes , i hit 15-20fps, then no more monsters, back to 60fps
    i also got this problem in town or when destroying barrels, its really weird !

    Here is my spec , i7-2630qm, 6990m , 8GB ram , SSD vertex 3 120GB, windows 7 64bits, catalyst 12.3
  • Hey guys, thanks for your continued reports. Just so you know, the fact that I don't respond to every thread doesn't mean Blizzard doesn't care. It just means I have lots of reports from awesome Beta testers, and I need to spend time on each one :)

    So I did some investigating, and I found out something interesting. If you are using an Nvidia card and have your Ambient Occlusion ON, you can lose up to 50% of your performance. If you turn it off in your Nvidia options, you should get a ton of performance back. Our internal tests showed up to 50 FPS drops with AO On.

    I know this doesn't solve everyone's problem, but since some of you are Nvidia users, we can at least start the debugging there.
  • 04/19/2012 10:20 AMPosted by D3BETA
    Try open CCC (catalyst control center) --> Game(s) --> Game Performance --> 3D standard settings --> then move the pointer all the way to the left towards performance and away from quality --> Apply and the close CCC..

    Excellent reply TheDomino, this was going to be my second post for ATI users :)
  • NickDeez, this looks like an issue on your end. I'd recommend you make a thread in the Technical Support forums :)
  • Glad you figured it out BigBen!
  • 04/28/2012 01:32 PMPosted by Mihawk
    This is the same thing for me and blizzard doesn't seam to care

    It'll help if you post some information about your computer specs and try the work arounds the community have mentioned in this thread.

    04/28/2012 03:44 PMPosted by Mihawk
    There is a massive amount of reports

    I don't monitor the Technical Support forums so I don't know what's going on there, but most of the people in this thread (and others) have found work arounds to their own computer problems.
  • 04/28/2012 04:55 PMPosted by Swaminarayan
    You really need to look at Mac technical forum. Either blizzard is being ignorant of Mac people or simply they don't care as long as it works on windows. I tried to open post here and it got dumped into Mac Technical for some reason because my post mentioned word "Mac". The problem is real i just hope final versin on Mac is nothing like beta or there might be outcry from people on mac book pro 2010 and below.

    The Mac performance issues have been noted in my Known Issues since Beta Patch 16. I'm sorry that they did not get fixed in the Beta, but CS nor I have any control over that.

    Just because someone isn't posting about a Known Issue doesn't mean that person doesn't care. A Known Issue is a Known Issue.