Treashure goblin - loot bug still exists!

  • I just would get sure you have noticed that this bug isnt fixed at all.
    I´ve created a similar threat for patch 15 and patch 16.
    well, now here is the one for the 17th patch.

    for example : you are playing in a public game and you find a treashure seeker.
    if you hit him he will start to drop gold while hes fleeing.
    but the problem is, if one player follows the goblin on his way while he´s fleeing, this player will collect all the gold that will get dropped by the goblin. So you can watch your gold dissapear while other players ran over it.
  • CreepingDead,

    Please post a video of this happening once the servers come back online. I have never been able to reproduce this. Are you certain that the gold is being picked up by the other player, and that he is actually earning that gold?

    Try it out with some friends and let me know.
  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for your continued reports. QA was able to reproduce this internally and brought it up to the Diablo III developers.

    Here's where it gets interesting: The Treasure Goblin is apparently intended to drop global gold to kind of encourage the party to chase him. However, this is not accurately explained in-game, which is causing this player confusion. We also confirmed that the Treasure Goblin does not drop global items, only global gold.

    The developers have decided to change this and make the Treasure Goblin drop individual gold, but the fix will not make it for release. It should come in a future patch after release. I will add this bug to the Known Issues list for when the game comes out on May 15.

    Thanks again for your reports, and know that this Beta feedback has helped change the game :)