NPC/Monster Teleportation?

  • Ok, so After reading through the "Known bugs" forum and the other bug forums (I also did not see any previous posts about this) but throughout the game when completing quests or just fighting monsters in general they will "teleport" right on top of me. I'm not talking about the monsters that literally have the teleporting ability, but when I can see a monster or a group of monsters about lets say 20ft from me, and then when I go to attack them they may start walking in my direction and next thing I know, my health is going down and the monsters are now on top of me. Especially in groups, I may see one walking/flying towards me, and next thing I know there are multiple mobs right on top of my character. As far as the skeletons that randomly spawn from the ground in the Cemetery crypts, they will spawn out of the ground and then appear right on top of me.

    I don't know if anyone is having this same issue or if it is just a Beta issue, but I reduced all my graphics/sound down to a bare minimum and still having this problem.

    Just seeing if This is still possibly my graphics creating an issue, if it is just a Beta bug, or if it has not been addressed yet. Any advice would be helpful.
  • This sounds like lag. Can you please retest once the Beta is live again?