Language bug.

  • I scanned through the first couple pages of posts here to see if this had already been reported.

    Being a bi-lingual household, the 6 year old (who has been playing D2 since christmas when he got his first netbook, saw me playing my new BETA, and instantly lost his mind wanting to play it.. So, being the good dad I am, I said.. sure ok...

    However, while english is my native language, it isn't his so I went into options, and set the language to Spanish. The game gave me a popup telling me I would have to restart the game, and asking if that was ok. I said yes... The game came up in spanish, with an error popup that stayed up for a half second and then the game exited. All subsequent attempts to enter the game resulted in the same error en espanol popup, poof, game exit gone result.

    Only resolution was to uninstall the game and redownload and install it, which I am doing now.

    I am going to attempt to change the language again in the same manner.. if I get the same result, I will update this post.
  • User Interface
    There is currently a Locale Selector in the Options --> Account menu. DO NOT USE THIS SELECTOR! This was not supposed to make it into our Beta build.

    Workaround - If your game gets messed up because you used this feature, delete your folder from your main harddrive/My Computer/ProgramData folder.