Have more than one bug to report

  • I have been playing for the past weekend and these bugs aren't trivial but would be awesome if they were fixed.

    When pressing the Alt key to toggle visibility of items on the ground, it stays stuck in that state until you zone. Don't know if it's working as intended, but I would think maybe changing it to toggle on while pressing down and toggle off when releasing....or pressing it once to toggle on and pressing it again to toggle off.

    Sometimes when playing, spell animations do not properly manifest or not at all.

    Sound volume isn't consistant at times when talking to NPC's sometimes.

    When firing a range spell, projectile....w/e...when it hits at the target at a far distance the sound of the projectile's impact/explosion is greater than the sound of the exploding target. For instance; I cast a Poison Dart at a barrel from a far distance, I hear the hiss of the dart on impact but I don't hear the barrel exploding/falling apart.

    That's all I can think of for now. I run on Windows Vista SP2. And these accurances might manifest only from long extensive playing, if that is so then it might be my hardware failing. Though when I restart the game it works again, so it might not be me and just the software.