Diablo 3 Crashes at Character Select Screen

  • Hello all!
    I'm excited to participate in the beta event for Diablo 3. I just received my email last night and was very anxious to begin testing. However, after download/install, when I log in to my Battle.net account (US) the game crashes every time at the character select screen. I've tried to run it in every visual mode and run Diablo 3 as an administrator but it crashes every time.

    I've created a short video and took a screen shot that can be found here:

    My computer stats are:
      i7-2600K oc @ 4.8Ghz running @ 29c idle
      Corsair H70
      RipjawX 16GBs @ 1600Mhz (8-8-8-24)
      EVGA DS SC GTX-580 (797MHz; 1594MHz; 4050MHz)
      ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
      SeaSonic X750
      SAMSUNG 256GB SSD PB22-JS3 (Primary) <- D3 installed on Primary Drive
      WD CB WD1002FAEX (Secondary)
      Corsair Obsidian 650D
      Alienware AW2310, running DVI @ 120Hz @ 1980x1080
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64b
  • Hey vizioNz, sounds like you have the same crash everyone else is having. Check out this thread and let me know if your issue is a duplicate of the crash they are experiencing.