Bug Report

  • *I got a Crude Leather Hood(6 armor), Leather Hood(14 armor), Cracked Leather Hood(8 armor) that displays a icon that says "I Need an icon" Probably all hoods has this issue
    *After killing Jondor and asked the Templar to join me, it spawned another Templar to follow me while the other one is standing still by the stairs.
    *Common scraps show the description as {c_grey} instead of showing the "grey" colored as it does with magic scraps
    *Details button when viewing the follower Templar skills does nothing
    *The crafted item called Apprentice Leather Hood has no icon as well that's crafted from Haedrig
  • Hey SnakeEyes, thanks for your reports. All of these are known issues except your fourth one, so I will look into that one.

    Also, in the future, please make one thread per bug. Thanks!