Lag associated with combat actions

  • I'm on a Mac running OS X 10.7, and I seem to be experiencing an issue with lag between the time I click the left or right mouse button in combat and the subsequent spell/loot action taking place. The character animation happens immediately, but the action itself does not.

    Here's an example. My character is using a wand, and when I click the left mouse button to fire the wand, my character raises the weapon and points it, and then returns back to a stationary position. About 10 seconds later, I see the spell shoot across the screen and strike the target. The same thing seems to be happening for looting bodies, as well.

    Hope that provides enough detail to help!
  • This sounds like server lag. Everyone who was experiencing Error 1008 is coming back online.

    Please re-test these scenarios again in a few hours and let me know if it is still super laggy.