Clicking on bookshelves near an upper level

  • This is a pathing issue that repeatedly rears it's head when the bookshelf is located near an upper level. Instead of walking over to the bookshelf, the character attempts to walk back towards the upper level. The only way around this is to stand right next to the bookshelf and click on it, but even then, occasionally the character will attempt to walk back around to get up on top.

    Additionally, loot that comes out of the bookshelf occasionally lands on the upper location rather than on the floor that the bookshelf is on.

    It's a little annoying, but particularly so for someone new to the game. I watched my gf play and she consistently had this problem because rather than walking right up to the bookshelf first she would click it from some range and her character would do this little dance as it seemed confused about whether to walk closer to the shelf or walk around to get on top.