[Bug] Follower UI issues in Multiplayer

  • I understand that you cannot participate in the follower event of rescuing the Templar in a 4 player game.

    However, you can in a 2 or 3 player game, which causes weird behavior to occur:

    In a 2 player game, when at the demonic circle where the Templar is being corrupted, the character who is the game maker will speak to the Templar, and rescue them. However, the Templar's health and portrait in the upper left will only be available to the other player. This information is not available to the "party leader." Additionally, after the Templar leaves your group temporarily to run off and receive their gear, only the 2nd player will be able to chat with them to proceed the event towards the corrupted Templar Jondar. I have reproduced this 5/5 when playing with my wife, my character (Wizard) will always start the conversation, never let me see the character's portrait, and her character (Monk) will always follow up the conversation.

    The same occurs in a 3 player game, except that the third player will be the one to chat with the Templar at the top of the staircase after killing his friend Jondar. (I believe that's their name).

    Additionally, once the Templar kills Jondar and says he will follow you, he will just remain at the top of the stairs and can not be interacted with in any fashion.

    I'm at work right now and cannot provide screenshots, but if needed I can post them tonight.

    Edit: Updated the subject to reflect actual bug. Waiting for realms to come up to gather and post screenshots. Also corrected a shameful typo. >_>
  • Thanks for the report Makenshi. I will get some testers working on this today.