Penalty for dying

  • Evv
    Please for the love of god add some penalty! Exp loss like in D2 was a great penalty in my opinion. What is it here in D3? Gold repairs lol? That's not a penalty really.

    Make us "afraid" of dying.
  • 01/12/2013 19:42Posted by Evv
    Either increase gold loss or exp loss.. Just some penalty would be most appreciated

    I know this topic is one that the community have some different opinions on, which for an example can be seen with some of the posts in this thread that suggests you to play Hardcore mode if you want the fear of death to be what drives you in this game. The developers agree that keeping your character alive in the game is important, but from their perspective it is better to reward you for staying alive instead of punishing you for dying. As you can maybe gather from this, they are more fond of the idea of implementing a survival bonus instead of increasing the death penalty.

    There are no specific information on what kind of survival bonus the developers have in mind, so it could be really interesting to hear what you guys think would be a good survival bonus. If you had the power to implement any kind of survival bonus to the game, how would it work and how strong would it be?