Survival Bonuses should be in D3

  • I agree with most that death penalties aren't the way to go in D3. This would only encourage people to play it safe to maximize their paragon leveling. Sure it worked in D2, but when you have 100s of paragon levels, xp loss to lag or disconnect would be devastating.

    Instead, I would like to see a survival bonus loosely based on the survival bonus stat from sacred 2: fallen angel. These bonuses could be based on challenge level (survival bonus increase could equal number of monsters killed x torment level and elites/champions/bosses should give a sizeable boost to this as well).

    This bonus would give:

    +% of all stats
    +% armor and all resist
    +% life
    +% health regen and life on hit/life after kill
    +% max resource and resource regeneration
    +% gold find, magic find and exp gain

    In Sacred2, it would take weeks of gameplay to build up a decent survival bonus, but it was well worth it in the end and severely discouraged sloppy gameplay and gearing. I remember having a temple guardian who had, after months of not dying, a 72% survival bonus (increasing all my stats by 72%), and then I died. Essentially lost almost half of my power.

    Here are some positive effects I can see this having on gameplay:

    This would make gear important, but would allow character progression that wasn't dependent on gear alone so long as they didn't die.

    It would encourage balancing between offensive and defensive gearing/building.

    It would encourage players to play in a difficulty setting that is manageable yet challenging.

    It would discourage players from trying to leech on higher difficulty settings.

    It would make mindless botting even less appealing.

    Players who want to play glass cannon will be rewarded for playing well or hindered by sloppy gameplay.
  • I overheard a developer once say that they like the idea of a survival bonus more than a death penalty. We don't currently have a plan to implement a survival bonus or change the death penalty, but what kind of survival bonus would you implement? How strong should a survival bonus be?