+5V warning and system crash, help

  • Hey everyone,

    So when i am playing diablo 3 and also just surfing the web, my computer keeps showing a +5V Voltage Warning 5.520. While i am playing diablo over the past week my system would crash randomly and i think it has to do with these warnings.

    Today, it has crashed at least 3 times! and it is really annoying since my friends and i started HC chars and i would hate to die because of this. Someone know anything about this or what i could be?
  • LoftyX ,

    If the warning message is to be believed, it's coming from either your computer's BIOS or a third party app you're using to monitor such things and is informing you that your power supply is outputting too much voltage on the +5 volt line. That could potentially damage components which is why it's popping up the warning.

    Swapping out the power supply will likely be required even if only to remove it as a possible cause of the problem.

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