Crusader Thorns Build - Torment (video)

  • Here's a quick series of clips I've put together showing everyone a Crusader thorns build I'm currently working on. This is a great example of how Loot 2.0 opens up the possibility for new builds by combining items and skills to create synergy. Before everyone says this is overpowered I'd like to point out that this isn't a cookie cutter/get one item and win build. This build requires a number of legendary items that I've personally only seen drop once in my entire ~40 hours of testing. I'm still playing around with the skills, passives, and enchanting to try and find the right combination but overall it's starting to feel pretty nice. This footage is all from Torment 1 difficulty. I've only tried doing a couple Torment 4 Nephalem Rifts which were much slower but still doable.

    The first couple clips I'm just showing off how powerful Thorns can be when combined with the right legendary items. I'm literally just standing doing nothing and mowing everything down including elites. I could easily complete full Nephalem Rifts by just running through the entire map not using a single skill besides the occasional health potion and Steed Charge for mobility sake. Using skills makes things even faster and is definitely required when I go up in Torment difficulty.

    Here are the 6 key pieces of gear needed to create the build:

    Thorns Set (helm, shoulders, gloves) - (4 set bonus) Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in 15 yards.

    Sanguary Vambracers - Chance on being hit to deal 1000% of your thorns damage to nearby enemies.

    1h Thorns Axe - Your Thorns damage is applied to every attack.

    Ring of Royal Grandeur - Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1.

    The key here is the Ring of Royal Grandeur which lets me replace the Thorns Set bracers with the Sanguary Vambracers.

    Near the end of the video I decided to try out a new legendary amulet which occasionally pulled all enemies to me which was SUPER nice in order to get everything in range of my Thorns. Even though I lost both damage and toughness I feel the trade off was worth it.

    Hope you all enjoy!
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  • This is a great video and post, Monstrous. I was hoping that I'd get to see a Thorns build in action, and this definitely delivers. Also, I think the Hardcore community would have a lot to say on this subject.