RIFTS Feedback, ideas. Please do your input!

  • Currently every single rift is "same" Kill stuff, spawn boss, kill boss. There is no real challenge to it, there is no real fun in repeating same thing over and over, sure they got rid of generic an repetitive areas. But now they made another generic and rather boring thing as mentioned above it's boring and too repetitive, you basically do same thing all the time. Do you really think this will give life to end game? I highly doubt it will, Rifts and Nephalem trials should be pure end game, a place where you can test your crazy builds, a place where you should be challenged (instead of facerolling all rifts on Torment VI with less than 800k dps- which is fairly easy to achive inside of 4 hours of gameplay at lvl 70)

    Aight here are some ideas...

    What you could and should do is give us option to enhance each Rift.

    What I was thinking.

    -Give mystic ability to enchant Rift map

    -obviously you would need reagents plus some kind of currency be it gold or blood shards.

    - It would be RNG based enchant:

    -Could spawn more rare monsters
    -Stronger rift guardians
    -unique bosses with insane random magic property
    -maybe even unique properties such as "increased magic find per instance level"
    -more dungeon levels
    -higher monster density

    -Reduced monster density
    (Yes, you heard it right, reduced, but hold your horses!), but more champion monster population (this way single target dps builds would actually work within some Rifts!)

    -monsters will deal higher damage
    -monsters are ressistant to specific school of magic or maybe physical ressistance levels
    -monsters with unique curse type.

    Something... anything- that should make this system more fun.

    As in current state I'm sorry but I won't even pay a cent for RoS, because it doesn't have anything to it, it's same old stuff just with random maps.

    Josh you and your team are missing main point with ARPG/Hack and Slash games. First they are not MMO's no one cares if some one is casual or hardcore. People want to be challenged, people want to make unique builds and test it inside of Hard content.

    Points above are reasons why every one plays H'n'S games, not because you can faceroll everything after few hours of gameplay.

    Please post your ideas below, I'm really looking forward to see what community can come up with.

    I do realise this is early beta phase, and I also do know that Blizzard is tied to launch product that is either buged, not optimized, and also whats in beta usually goes live. This is not a direct insult to Blizzard it's facts from the past. So before you act again as a kid who lost his first candy listen to your community, we just want to have game that is actually playable for longer than two weeks. One year we have been giving alot of feedback what we want for RoS and almost nothing went into it, only randomized dungeon levels, but we did mention we want to be able to enchant each map, we want to be challenged.

    Take Adria fight as instance, thats how all fights should work in randomized enviroment.

    Some ideas made by Xel and Kongor:

    Endless rifts with a ladder system: Instead of limiting the length of rifts, let us compete with each other at how far we can progress. Imagine trying to beat a rift record with your party or solo, you would need to outsmart other players (their choices for heroes, items and skills) to be able to defeat these overly powerful monsters and bosses. Watching professional players attempt to break the records would definitely increase the media value of this game, to a point where Diablo 3 could even become a competitive e-sport.

    Ability to modify, trade and challenge people to complete rifts: Inspired by the suggestion by KingKongo, allow us to truly customize the maps we play in a way that enables infinite outcomes and keeps the game interesting. Make it possible to add an unlimited amount of affixes to a rift that combined produce a completely unique map. Let there be penalties like decreased ms/as, buffs like 200% increased stun duration, oddities like having your resource and HP pool swapped, and of course awesome rewards, the options are limitless!

    Moreover, let us trade these maps and challenge our friends to compete in them.

    Few ideas I picked from Dannyboi :P! Ohhh, am so shady.... Yeah I didn't laugh either...

    Anyway here are some he listed.

    -potions do not work
    -cant leech life from monsters
    - % xp from monsters
    -% increase monster life
    - monsters can leech life
    - can spawn multiple rift guardians

    - monsters regen life
    - minus player resistance
    -life rengen dose not work
    - champion affix increase
    -rare affix increase

    P.S Beta key is most welcome :)! Would give me alot better insight into game and Rifts system!
  • Although I do not have any new information to share on the topic of Nephalem Rifts right now, I do find this to be an interesting thread, hence the blue-tag :-)

    25/11/2013 15:24Posted by Balthezore
    Please post your ideas below, I'm really looking forward to see what community can come up with.

    This! And even if you do not have any ideas, you are more than welcome to simply post your feedback on the current iteration of Nephalem Rifts like Balthezore did above :-)
  • Hi guys,

    I just wanted to thank you all for the great feedback you have posted so far in this thread. Please don't hesitate to post more feedback :-)