Crushing Blow - makes damage obsolete:(

  • Watching these streams makes it obvious that all one needs to have is some tank and then stacking attack speed in combination with CB.

    2h weps wont be able to compete with 1h.

    Stacking damage is irrelevant now.

    This skills needs to be nerfed to the ground or best option is to have it removed from the game.

    Game changing is nice and we want such things in game but this is outright game breaking!
  • We are in a super early beta testing phase right now, and there are still lots of things that need tuning and also bugs that need fixing.

    The developers intentions with Crushing Blow is for it to be competitive with stats like Increased Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, or Critical Hit Damage, but obviously it will need some tuning if it clearly trumps all of those other stats.

    We are of course interested in reading more of your thoughts on Crushing Blow, so please keep posting your feedback on it :-)
  • Currently, a Crushing Blow hits for 25% health against normal monsters, for 12.5% health against elites, and it will hit for 5% health against bosses after the next beta patch has launched.

    Keeping in mind that Crushing Blow is subject to changes and tuning since it has to compete with other stats (Increased Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, and Critical Hit Damage), what are your thoughts on these percentages?
  • Just an update on the topic of Crushing Blow

    It has been temporarily disabled from the beta, but we will continue to iterate on the stat in the meantime. Thanks a ton for the feedback guys :-)

    Please feel free to continue to post your thoughts and feedback about Crushing Blow, though :-)