Gold income too low? RoS

  • I've been watching some RoS streams today and after seeing some of the streamers enchant their gear and craft gems.
    It seemed like the gold costs for enchanting and gem crafting was or atleast gets VERY! high compair to the means you have to make gold.

    I know this is like super early stuff and everything may change, but 50 mil gold for one gem craft seemed like an awfull lot when you get stacks of gold in the 3k piles and yellow gear sells for 3000-5000 gold.

    The same goes for enchanting, with an 20% increased gold cost per enchant, the cost can really sky rocket to the point it would take you a year to get gold for another enchant when it comes to the legendarys anyways.

    Again, this is very early stuff but I would like you hear your opinions on this =)
  • A lot of the things you have seen in the F&F beta streams so far are far from final and still needs tuning, so although I do not have any specific comments on the crafting costs in the beta so far, I think it is important to keep in mind that everything at this early stage of the beta is subject to change :-)

  • Thanks for the reply, I fully understand that everything that we currently see on streams, can and will change before launch. I just wanted to give some feedback from what I've seen that seemed silly.

    I forgot to add in my previous reply that we totally appreciate your feedback, so please continue posting your feedback. We will pass it on :-)