whats being done about this?

  • Dear blizzard,

    im getting tired .... tired of reporting 3-5 new friend requests a day from gold sellers with bot created names. one week i didnt report them and i ended up with 50 friend requests. really nice.

    this advertisement / spam is just getting out of hand , reporting does not seem to help at all. im wondering if im one of the only ones who really are annoyed by the advertisements. .

    when are you (blizzard) going to take some proper action against this ?

    p.s whats the deal with not being able to post on wow forums due to account not active anymore , does me spending 500+ euro's just on wow games not qualify to have a full access account on the forums these days, do you have to leech 13,99 just so we can post and reply on the new expension that still has a lot of potential to fail like the previous two?
  • Thank you for the information Aion. In future though, please be sure to send information like this to [email protected] instead of posting it on the forums. Thanks again :-)