No love for Whimsyshire?

  • I don't understand why the unicorn world got dismissed so fast. Most people never run that place anymore, or never even ran it at all. I love killing unicorns and teddy bears, and it's not just for the joyful colors. Most people do act1 XP runs, so it's very easy to pop in to Whimsyshire and clear it before repeating. On top of that, the Horadric hamburger and Spectrum are probably the only items that will still be valuable in ROS, since lvl 30 items will still roll lvl 30 stats, except for these 2. I just can't wait to equip my Crusader with a hamburger (and maybe even transmog whatever weapon I'm using afterwards into a hamburger.)
  • I have a terrible love for Whimsyshire. It's part of my regular key run rotation, as I still would like to track down a Horadric Hamburger (just to have it, I like collecting things). There's also something inherently wrong about how I die there more frequently than anywhere else.

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