Environments Diversity

  • One thing i really appreciated on Diablo 3 (more than Diablo II and I) was the great change of enviroments even in the same act:
    Just think about the change from bright sand desert to the night greenish oasis of act 2, or the passage from snowy cold lands to the hellish lava environment of act 3.

    I really hope that reapers of souls will offer so much difference in term on visual and atmosphere between Westmarch - Bloodmarch and Fortress and i hope that the Pandemonium environment will be different from what we've seen on act 4.

    Same for dungeons.
  • Westmarch and the zones that follow it all definitely have their own distinctive look and feel. I can say that none of them quite feel like anything else currently in Diablo III, and I can't wait until we get the chance to share them all with you!