Blizzard = Wasting developer resources on Transmogrification

  • I keep seeing Llyirra talking about Transmogrification as if this is the main feature of ROS. While yea it might be sort of cool to change the way you look, in essence this game's problems aren't because how pretty you look it's the damn loot system and end game content.
  • 10/31/2013 08:35 AMPosted by Axe
    You have the CHOICE, you can be either as strong as you possibly can (def or off), or you can look pretty and sacrifice some strength. YOUR CHOICE

    This is precisely the decision we don't want players to be forced to make. We'd like you to enjoy the way your character looks while also being able to wear powerful gear.

    This ultimatum works both ways. You don't have to use transmogrification if you don't care for it. But, if you'd like to spend some of your hard-earned resources on making your character's visuals look the way you want them to, you can do so. We're providing additional options, and, as you say, it's your choice. ;)

    10/31/2013 05:19 AMPosted by JohnWayne
    I keep seeing Llyirra talking about Transmogrification as if this is the main feature of ROS.

    It's one of many main features for Reaper of Souls. We've recently had a spotlight on it with the Mystic, and players have had lots of questions that we're able to answer. There's a lot more information coming soon (read: BlizzCon) that we're excited to share, so just hang in there a few more days! We've offered a taste of some lore and design philosophy for the expansion with our series on Westmarch this week, so if you haven't checked those out, it may be worth giving a read.
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    Also, Lylirra, why is it that blizzard thinks it's a good idea to bind transmogrified items to account?

    Lylirra's not available in this thread right now, but if you leave your name and number... well, you'll still get me instead anyway. ;P

    We're always iterating on things and we're listening very closely to your feedback. We've decided to remove BoA from Transmogrification as a result. =) Things are definitely not yet set in stone, so please keep letting us know your thoughts, especially with the slew of info we have headed your way at BlizzCon!