A Couple of Questions

  • I'm still wondering if post-expansion we'll be able to upgrade the level of the current items (i said "upgrade the level", not "reroll stats"). We all know they are going to increase the level cap, so, what about the items level 63? Garbage?

    Same doubt about gems...

  • At this time, we don't have plans for an "item upgrade" system in the manner that you're describing.

    As your character gets more powerful (read: levels up from 60-70), higher level gear will become available to you. That aspect of loot acquisition isn't really being changed - higher level characters will, naturally, find higher level loot and want to replace their lower level loot. Current gear shouldn't lose its value. That said, with the changes coming in Loot 2.0, you may find new gear that better compliments your build, and you should find upgrades just as you did when you climbed your way to 60.