Why can't I enchant off-stats?

  • Like Thorns damage, resist, regeneration, armor, LoH, bleed damage, LoK ????

    Why can I only change the boring stats? aka str, dex, vita, and Intel.

    I don't care about the boring stats, I want to be able to form a unique character that is different than every other barb. Not a linear based Mystic.
  • Core stats are definitely not the only enchants available from the Mystic. While I don't currently have a full list to share, you can see a few of the options from our recent blog. The stats in the fourth screenshot down are just a taste of what the Mystic can do.

    There will be plenty of variety available for you to choose for your style of play. That's the intent, after all: to give you some more freedom and flexibility with the loot you acquire.
  • 10/25/2013 05:37 PMPosted by cheese
    so can you roll more than one affix for one item? or is it reroll one affix per item only?

    The latter. Think of each affix as a "slot." Only one slot can be enchanted on an item, ever. The possible properties for that slot don't change after enchanting though, so that pool will always be available for that slot.

    I hope that makes sense. It's Friday and I think I'm out of wordsing for this week. u_u