Echoes of War vs. Diablo 15th Anniversary?

  • Greetings all -

    So, I honestly just stumbled upon the Blizzard Store recently, and was caught off guard by how much merchandise I was actually missing out on. On the subject of available music, though, there appears to be two main choices - Echoes of War($30) and Diablo 15th Anniversary($10). The problem is, as much as I'd like to buy both, I'd prefer to buy one or the which case, I'd need to know the differences between the two...while there is seemingly almost no information on what those differences are. I've recently got off the phone with a Blizzard rep, and he couldn't find anything significant (track list, etc.), and suggested I ask here I be.

    To complicate this query even more, on amazon there are very limited listings (and possibly not genuine?) for a Diablo 15th Anniversary CE($30!) and an Echoes of War Boxed Set!($100!), with no information concerning what extra stuff I could possibly be paying for.

    So, Echoes of War is ~2 years old, afaik. So, what music does it include?
    'Starcraft' means SC2 (...and Ghost?) - but maybe not SC1, Brood War, or HotS?'Diablo' means Diablo 3 - but maybe not Diablo 1, 2, and Lord of Destruction?'Warcraft' supposedly means just WoW:WotLK - but maybe not any other Warcraft title?And Diablo 15th Anniversary is ~1 year old, afaik. So, what does music it include?
    It seems clear it contains the entirety of Diablo 1, 2, Lord of Destruction - and supposedly some Diablo 3 tracks, but maybe not all? - and the CE might contain more (or possibly less)?TL;DR - What are the differences between Echoes of War vs. Diablo 15th Anniversary? - (track lists, bonus materials, etc.)
  • Echoes of War is a multi-title compilation. It's comprised of music from World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. So, if you're a fan of multiple Blizzard titles, you'll get a wider variety from this set. It includes 15 tracks, split fairly evenly between the three universes. It also includes a behind-the-scenes DVD documentary.

    The Diablo 15th Anniversary is solely Diablo music, spanning all three games (and Lord of Destruction). It includes 19 tracks, two of which are concept pieces.

    As a note, I'd be wary of purchasing Collector's Editions, depending on the vendor. While they had some very cool stuff in them, unless you can ensure the product has never been opened, there's always the risk that some of the goodies won't be included.