If monsters had their own forum...

  • Mnk
    What would they be talking about? Few possible topics come to my mind would be:

    - complaining about a nuisance of echoing fury fear procs
    - discussion about how to deal with perma freeze wizs
    - elite monsters gives advice to white monsters
    - best elite affix combo discussion

    What you guys think? ;)
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  • 10/18/2013 09:12 AMPosted by Monstrous
    Mallet Lord "Is my game bugged? Can't find any Nephalem in Act 4"

    That's pretty dexterous typing for someone who has hammers for hands. I thought a Mallet Lord's response would look something like this:

    "bujhyeklkiop pl;QWEGHC VER MER HQAbnds"